Veg momos + Paneer momos + Cheese & corn momos

Veg momos + Paneer momos + Cheese & corn momos


Veg. Momos :- These popular street Momos stand as the most favourite food for kids today. These Momos are stuffed with healthy veggies like beans, carrots and cabbage. Steam them for about 10 minutes and serve with special momos sauce that come along with it.




MRP: 520.00 400.00

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How to cook :- Method of steaming Momos. first we have to take a big container & fill it half with  water & set it to boil.

Now take a diamond sieve plate and grease it with little oil & place your Momos on it. When water starts boiling, bring the flame to medium & keep that plate on that container & cover it up so that momos gets the proper steam required. Let it steam for 15-20 minutes. Now your  Momos are ready. Serve it with special chutney inside the pack