Frozen Strawberry

May is National Strawberry Month, and it’s time to crank out as many amazing strawberry recipes as you can. Not only do strawberries make recipes look pretty, they have amazing health benefits too! Strawberries are naturally high in vitamin C, which gives skin a healthy glow and boosts your immune system. Frozen strawberries are just as nutritious as fresh ones, and they cut way down on prep time.

Buying Frozen strawberries is certainly an option, but have you ever found yourself stuck with several pints of fresh strawberries, and not nearly enough time to eat them before they become overripe? We have, too! Instead of tossing those strawberries, why not freeze them for later and make your own frozen strawberries? Here’s how to make your own frozen strawberries at home


  • Excellent flavor
  • Fresh
  • Pure
  • Yummy taste
  • Beneficial to health